The ultimate souvenir

Photoshoot sessions for couples
in the Scottish Borders Countryside

Wouldn’t it be a shame to travel to
Scotland's most  
romantic  landscapes and
leave with just selfies together?

You deserve
beautiful memories 

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Makayla + Liam - The Castle Ruin 00072.jpg

Enjoy time as a couple
and bring back something truly personal.

Tailored to you


We always discuss the details - locations, outfits + logistics - beforehand.

We arrive with a plan for your session to make the most of your time in Scotland.

Couple photography doesn't have to be awkward


- We’re a real couple, so we can demonstrate the great candid poses throughout the session


- Two photographers makes for a relaxed atmosphere

Most couples say that the session feels more like a day out with friends rather than a photoshoot!

Save time on printing

Order your favourite images straight from our private and secure gallery system.

" Julien and Rose were phenomenal!

It felt so natural and we were genuinely happy

because they were so fun to hang out with. "

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Your couple photoshoot

in the Scottish Borders countryside

from £75

from 30 minute journey from Edinburgh
+  Champagne picnic 
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Step 1


Fill out the contact form

Quickly know our availability and gain access to our session brochure

Step 2


Let’s organise your session together


We’ll have clear plan for your chosen date

Step 3


Enjoy your memorable photoshoot


Receive your private online gallery within two weeks

At Photoshoot Scotland we know that you want to be the kind of person that makes the most of their trip.


One of the best ways to make your visit truly memorable is to get great images as a couple. The problem is most people who travel to Scotland leave with just selfies together, which makes them feel like they’ve missed their chance to capture epic images of both Scotland, and of themselves! 

We believe that your time in Scotland is worth commemorating.


We understand that photoshoots can be intimidating, which is why we work as a duo to create a meaningful and relaxed experience, resulting in amazing images of you and your partner in breathtaking Scottish scenery.

Here’s how we do it


1. Fill out our contact form

2.  Let’s organise your session together

3. Enjoy our memorable session

So, get in touch today to receive our price brochure.


So you can stop worrying about not having the best memories to look back on. And instead take pride in bringing home the ultimate souvenir.

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