The Scottish Borders Experience

There’s a lot more in Scotland than the familiar scenes of wild Highland hills. We live in the Scottish Borders, a region of exceptional natural beauty that’s often forgotten as a destination. We have a long history, strong heritage and an abundance of hills quite similar to those of the popular Highlands, all within a stones throw (or about an hour) from the heart of Edinburgh - ideal for outlanders and locals alike, especially if you’re short on time and wish to explore and experience part of Scotland’s great outdoors. Enjoy a leisurely drive in our Mercedes Benz through scenic roads, pausing to capture breathtaking images in areas of incredible natural wonder. 

Guaranteed to be photo-ready come wind, rain or Scottish sunshine, each unmissable location brings new and exciting opportunities for you and your partner to discover. To finish, a wee dram of local whisky and a bite of homemade shortbread to revive you both after embracing our unpredictable elements! We’ve discovered some of the Borders’ best locations for our handpicked tours, designed to offer everyone a unique photoshoot adventure in the Scottish Borders. Explore each experience today…

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To the Castle Ruin
Laura + Ben - The Scottish Borders Exper
The Scott’s Blend
The Ultimate 
Scottish Borders

To the Castle Ruin

A mere 25 minute train journey south of Edinburgh is enough to land you on the edge of the Scottish Borders. Together we’ll drive across the Midlothian boundary, uncovering the hidden heritage than can be found in this ancient land. With a majestic Castle ruin set in acres of peaceful pasture to explore, you’ll feel at ease with your loved one as you cast relaxed and romantic moments. Remote scenic roads await, winding through rolling countryside carved calmly over time. Breathe in the bracing Borders’ air and share in the forgotten beauty of nature together, captured professionally to enjoy for a long time to come.

Our shortest but quite possibly sweetest session we offer in the Borders. An ideal introduction to our experience outside of the city, perfect for those wanting a taste of our wilder Scottish turf.

Start location: Gorebridge train Station

Duration: 1 hour


Please note: The Castle Ruin is designed and best experienced as a guided tour in our car. The option to follow in your own vehicle is always available, if preferred. Wellies are strongly advised - even in summer!

1 hour session     |     from £130



Capture your moment in time during a photoshoot venture around the Border's historic heartland. Start the adventure on arrival to a remote end-of-the-line railway station, where we'll greet you with our car. From here, enjoy a leisurely drive between our pick of southern Scotland's more secluded former homes, ideal for intrepid couples looking to create beautiful images in serene surroundings.

The very heart of the Scottish Borders is marked by an iconic hill formation, shaped by ancient volcanic activity, and can be enjoyed intimately all year round. Get to know Scotland’s past volcanic landscape beyond the edge of Arthur’s Seat, away from the city crowds, as we encompass this striking natural monument along our hand-picked route. Our session concludes overlooking a breathtaking vista that’s historically considered the best in the Borders...

Start location: Tweedbank Rail Station

Duration: 2 hours*

Please note: Borderland is designed and best experienced as a guided tour in our car. The option to follow in your own vehicle is always available, if preferred. Wellies are strongly advised - even in summer!

2  hour session     |     from £240

The Scott’s

Blend (bespoke)


If you'd love to sample items from both tours, order this from our menu - The Scott’s blend is a delicious combination of both experiences, tailored to individual request for an extended and exclusive Scottish Border adventure. We’re offering this 4 hour experience at a discounted rate, to emphasise our enthusiasm for the area and enable as many people as we can to join with us in experiencing the beauty of the Borders during a fun, romantic and memorable photoshoot.


Order yours today...


Start location: TBC 

Duration: 4 hours

4 hour session     |     from £360

The Ultimate Scottish Borders Experience 


Coming soon...

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