The Scottish Borders Experience

There’s a lot more in Scotland than the familiar scenes of wild Highland hills. We live in the Scottish Borders, a region of exceptional natural beauty that’s often forgotten as a destination. We have a long history, strong heritage and an abundance of hills quite similar to those of the popular Highlands, all within a stones throw (or about an hour) from the heart of Edinburgh - ideal for outlanders and locals alike, especially if you’re short on time and wish to explore and experience part of Scotland’s great outdoors. Enjoy a leisurely drive in our Mercedes Benz through scenic roads, pausing to capture breathtaking images in areas of incredible natural wonder. 

Guaranteed to be photo-ready come wind, rain or Scottish sunshine, each unmissable location brings new and exciting opportunities for you and your partner to discover. To finish, a wee dram of local whisky and a bite of homemade shortbread to revive you both after embracing our unpredictable elements! We’ve discovered some of the Borders’ best locations for our handpicked tours, designed to offer everyone a unique photoshoot adventure in the Scottish Borders.

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the Scottish Borders 

“We would do this again a million times.”

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To the Castle Ruin
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The Scott’s Blend
The Abbotsford Experience | Katie, Mark,
The Abbotsford Experience 

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